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Zorgboulevard facilities

By bringing together all the care services, the residents of Rotterdam and surroundings gain access to optimally integrated care tailored to their needs. The Zorgboulevard in Rotterdam-Zuid is an initiative of: Aafje, the Centrale Huisartsenposten Rijnmond (out of hours GP service), Delta Psychiatrisch Centrum (Delta Psychiatric Centre), the GeboorteHotel (Birth Hotel) and Maasstad Hospital.

The following facilities are available on the Zorgboulevard:


  • Ched Kapper (this hairdresser also cuts bedridden patients’ hair)
  • Avicen
  • Bouman GGZ
  • Poli-Apotheek
  • Ako
  • Pearle optician
  • Schoonenberg hoorcomfort
  • Wittepoel
  • Wittekamp & Broos
  • Stichting bevolkingsonderzoek Zuid-West
  • Livera
  • La Place
  • Vestia Rotterdam-Zuid
  • Livit Orthopedie
  • Bosman servicepunt
  • Aafje thuiszorgwinkel
  • Spar
  • Catalpa
  • Roparun Centrum
  • MZ Café
  • Dienstapotheek Zuid
  • Epilennium.