In Maasstad Hospital and on the Zorgboulevard (Care Boulevard) you have access to various facilities.

Facilities Maasstad Hospital


The new hospital building has a nice and spacious central hall. Here you can find the reception desk, which is staffed by a number of receptionists. In front of this desk you can also find several hostesses, who are glad to help patients and visitors find their way to the right department and/or building unit. Feel free to approach the hostesses for directions or any other questions you may have.


In the wards you can meet our helpful and friendly volunteers, who will try to make your stay in our hospital as pleasant as possible. They can provide a range of non-medically related care, such as peeling your fruit, putting flowers in a vase, or buying a magazine for you. The volunteers will introduce themselves to you when you arrive on the ward. They also wear a different uniform than the nursing staff, making them easy to recognise.

Spiritual care

Spiritual caregivers from different denominations and life philosophies are available. They are there to listen and provide support for you, as well as your family and close friends. If you would like to use this service, feel free to ask a member of the nursing staff to contact a spiritual caregiver. Additionally, the hospital also has a Meditation Centre which can be visited.

MZ Cafe and Pastel eten & drinken

You can visit MZ Cafe for refreshments, newspapers and magazines. The café has seating areas. During opening hours, you are welcome to come with your visitors.
The Grand Café is part of Pastel eten & drinken and is open to patients and visitors for breakfast, lunch, snacks or a hot meal. It is open from 8.30 a.m. - 9.30 p.m. and MZ Café from 10.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m.

MIES (Maasstad Information and Entertainment System)

MIES is a touchscreen located near the parients' bedside. Patients can use MIES to access the Internet, watch television, play online games, listen to the radio and find information about the hospital. Additionally, Maasstad Hospital offers a meal service to all patients. MIES can be used to inform the catering service about your choice of menu. Besides the traditional menu, you can also order (halal) dishes from World Cuisine menu, which includes the possibilities of Moroccan lamb tagine, Turkish meat balls and Creole chicken and beans.


A wireless network is available throughout Maasstad Hospital. You can access the hospital's Wi-Fi  with your smartphone, your laptop, or a Computer On Wheels (COW).


Your mail will be delivered to the ward every day. To ensure that your mail reaches you in time, the following address details should be used:

Maasstad Ziekenhuis
- name of patient -
- department and room number -
Postbus 9100
3079 DZ Rotterdam

If you have already left the hospital, any post which arrives for you will be forwarded to your home address.

Taxi and transport services

Maasstad Hospital offers both taxi and transport services for its patients. Do you have to wait until your taxi or transport arrives? In the central hall of the hospital you will be able to find an area to sit down and enjoy a magazine while you wait.

Facilities Zorgboulevard

Maasstad Hospital is located on the Zorgboulevard. This is the centre for care and well-being in Rotterdam. Here you will be able to find the GP post of Rijnmond (Huisartstenpost Rijnmond), the Aafje care hotel, the Maasstad birth hotel, Delta, as well as a number of shops. With Lombardijen Station within walking distance, the Zorgboulevard is easily accessible by public transport.

For more information about the Zorgboulevard facilities, click here *.

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