Visiting someone

Family and friends are welcome to visit patients.


You can park in the neighbouring covered Q-Park multi-storey car park. It is possible to pay in either cash, by credit card, or by pin . The costs are € 0,50 per 12 minutes or € 10,00 for a day ticket.

Shuttle trains

If you are unable to walk from the car park to the hospital, or prefer not to , you may use one of the two shuttle trains which travel non-stop between the car park exits and the hospital entrance. Waiting time is a maximum of 5-10 minutes.

Kiss & Ride

You can only use the Kiss & Ride zone to drop someone off or pick someone up. To get here, follow the Kiss & Ride signs around the building of the hospital and use the entrance in the Haastrechtstraat. It is possible to park your car in this zone for a maximum of 5-10 minutes. For those that are waiting for someone to pick them up at the Kiss & Ride zone, there is a sitting area in the central hall of the hospital.

Parking and facilities for the disabled

Maasstad Hospital has the following parking facilities for the disabled:

  • At the front of the hospital near the Kiss & Ride zone you will find the parking places for the disabled. You may only use these places if you have a card for the disabled. Do not forget to put it in plain sight in front of the car window to prevent yourself from receiving a fine;
  • There are designated places for the disabled in the car park;
  • Patients with a disability and/or visitors may use the shuttle trains which travel to and from the main entrance of our hospital;
  • Patients and those accompanying them may use the Kiss & Ride zone in front of the hospital’s main entrance. Use the entrance in Haastrechtstraat.

Visiting hours

If you would like to visit a patient, this is possible during the visiting hours. You can find the exact time slots here.

* Note: you will be directed to the Dutch version of this site.

House rules

In order to ensure that visiting hours are pleasant for all visitors and/or patients, Maasstad Hospital applies the following house rules:

Number of visitors

There is a maximum amount of two visitors allowed per patient (at the same time). If visitors wish to alternate, they may enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while they wait in the sitting room in the ward. This applies to all departments, unless indicated otherwise. If you have any questions or need further information, you can call the general number 010 – 291 1911.

Flowers and plants

Due to the limited space in the wards, we advise you to decorate your room with small bouquets. Plants are not allowed in patients' rooms due to the risk of infection. In the intensive care ward and the burns centre, flowers and plants are not allowed.


Maasstad Hospital has a no-smoking policy. Smoking is not permitted inside the buildings or other areas of the hospital - including the 5 indoor gardens - unless explicitly indicated.


Aggression is not tolerated in the hospital. Any incidents of physical aggression or serious threats are always reported to the police.


It is not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages in the hospital.